Motorists adapting their behaviour due to high petrol prices

1 in 2 motorists are adapting their behaviour as a result of the high petrol prices. The Flemish Motoring Organisation did research into how we exactly change our behaviour, and came to several interesting conclusions. We are making a bigger effort to find cheaper petrol stations, and also drive in a different manner.

The poll involved 1,041 motorists. Most of those adapting their behaviour because of high petrol prices, are making a bigger effort to try and find filling stations where petrol prices are just a little bit lower than where they usually go. Others drive in a different way and try to refrain from accelerating too quickly after a red light.

Many are also trying to leave the car at home. For short distances to the butcher's or the bakery around the corner, we are taking out the bicycle instead of the car on more occasions.

The poll also shows that 6 in 10 are seriously considering buying a more economical car, if the trend of rising petrol prices continues.