Woman gives prize money to Ford workers

A resident of the Walloon village of Banneux (Liège province) has decided to give the 4,000 euro she won in a competition organised by Ford to the workers at the American car company’s plant in the Limburg town of Genk.

According to the local newspaper “Jour Verviers”, the woman, called Micheline, had won the money to organise a big party for herself and her neighbours.

However, the announcement that Ford is to close its factory in Genk made Micheline decided not to use the cash for a party.

"I would prefer to cancel the party. I couldn’t party and enjoy myself while 10,000 are losing their jobs. I want the 4,000 euro to be used for a party for the workers at the factory in Genk”.

Micheline and her neighbours will now have a modest no frills party rather than the big event that was originally planned.