Sheep on motorbike alerts the police

Police in Tienen have arrested three men who were transporting a sheep on a moped. The three guys had plans for a ritual killing of the animal.

Police soon discovered that the three men were staying in the country illegally and that the sheep had been stolen.

It was around 11 PM on Tuesday evening that police encountered the three men attempting to transport the sheep on a moped. The police followed the three men to a house in the Aandorenstraat.

The men pushed the animal through the front door and wanted to take it into the cellar. It was then that the police officers intervened and prevented the ritual killing of the sheep. Police found five chefs' knives at the ready in the house.

Animal welfare officers have now taken custody of the animal. The illegal aliens had stolen the sheep from grassland. They are being questioned about the theft in the course of Wednesday.