Doubling in road rage incidents in Belgium

The Belgian motoring association Touring says that the number of road rage incidents has doubled in only five years. So far this year 47 cases of road rage and brawls among drivers and cyclists have been reported. Five years ago the tally stood at 24 at this point in the year.

In nine out of ten instances road rage occurs after one road user obstructs another. Two people get out of the car or off their bike and a brawl ensues. People get hurt and often there is also material damage.

In one out of every three incidents a driver gets into a fight with a cyclist. A dispute about a parking place or following a smash also often leads to fights.

The belligerents usually stick to fisticuffs, but sometimes fire extinguishers and jacks are also employed. On two occasions Tasers have been used this year. Seven incidents involving knives have also been reported.

The figures relate to incidents of road rage that were reported to the police. The motoring organisation stresses that all the incidents included in the tally are serious ones.

Touring claims that society in general has become more aggressive. Road users also encounter far more illogical and frustrating situations on Belgian roads. e.g. traffic lights at a distance of 100 metres that do not take account of each other.