Belgians discover 3 new species of bees

A team of scientists belonging to the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences (KBIN) has discovered three new South-African bee species. Research into bee species is taking off as they are playing a crucial role in the pollination process in nature. This is important to grow fruit or certain crops.
Capalictus tigrinum, one of the new bee species.

The researchers performed morphological and molecular analyses on the species, which allowed them to put them in a new category of bee species. The bees involved are primitive bees with a length of only 6 or 7 millimetres. They have South Africa's Cape Province as their natural habitat and have only been spotted there.

The bees have been attributed to the new family Capalictus. The KBIN has some specimens of the new species in its collection. The Belgian scientists cooperated with America's Cornell University and London's Natural History Museum for their research.