Municipalities prepare for black-outs

Last week, Belgian municipalities received guidelines about what to do when electricity supplies should be temporarily cut this winter. Black-outs could occur when there is an "extreme" power shortage, but chances that this will happen, are rather small.

Belgium has to cope with less nuclear energy, as two reactors are out of order until February. Belgium will have to import more energy from abroad, but if the winter will be really harsh and people will need more power, there may a power shortage. If this is the case, some municipalities will be cut off from power supplies. It is not clear which ones and how many would be targeted, but it could be a rural municipality which is not too densely populated.

In the meantime, the municipalities are thinking about possible measures to reduce energy consumption. "We could turn out the light on public roads in certain streets at certain times of the night", Gooik Mayor Michel Doomst tells the VRT. He is also thinking about alternatives to generate energy. "We would only need three wind turbines to generate sustainable energy for the whole of Gooik." The problem here is where these windmills will be located.