Red Lions thrash England 4-0

In hockey, the Belgian national team, dubbed the Red Lions, swiftly moved past England at the Champions Trophy. The win earns the Red Lions a play-off match for 5th place against Germany. It's the first win for the Belgians in Melbourne (Australia) after losing their 3 group matches.
Loïck Luypaert made it 4-0 after a penalty corner.

Belgium was ousted for the semi-finals after losing 0-1 to India on Thursday. This only left 5th place as best possible result, but to achieve this two wins are needed. Part 1 was a success, as Belgium cruised past England 4-0.

A match against Germany will decide who takes 5th place: the Germans (who downed New-Zealand 6-4) or Belgium. This is not without importance, as the top-5 of this year's edition will be guaranteed a place in next year's Champions Trophy automatically. The clash against Germany, the Olympic and European Champions, is a real challenge. 

Only the world's best 8 hockey countries are allowed to take part in the prestigious Champions Trophy event. The Red Lions, who are emerging as a team to be reckoned with, have strong ambitions and want to shine at the next Olympics in Brazil. In London, the hockey team had to be content with 5th place.