Standard humiliate Charleroi in football

In football, Standard de Liège whipped Charleroi 6-1 in the Walloon derby. After a bad start to the season, Standard confirm their excellent form, and are right on track for a spot in the season-ending play-off I for the title.

Charleroi were reduced to 10 men after only 4 minutes of play. Standard were awarded a penalty which was converted by Yoni Buyens: 1-0.

Standard were in excellent form and made some stylish goals, leading 5-0 even before the break. This triggered frustration among the visiting fans, who destroyed seats and launched rockets to disturb the match (photo).

The game was suspended for 7 minutes, and it seemed to help the visitors from Charleroi, who pulled one back, before Imoh Ezekiel made it 6-1. Standard confirmed their resurrection after Mircea Rednic took over from Dutchman Ron Jans as the new coach in October.