Big jump in steering wheel thefts

Car steering wheels have become extremely popular among car thieves in the northern port of Antwerp of late. The thieves have a particular soft spot for the steering wheels of Mercedes C class vehicles.
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Thieves have a liking for steering wheels because these can easily be sold on the black market.

Veerle De Vries, spokeswoman for Antwerp police, says that the number of thefts involving steering wheels has jumped spectacularly in the last two months.

"The thieves always set to work in the same way: they knock in a rear window, climb through and dismantle the steering wheel."

The thieves often take off with built-in GPS equipment and any other computers.

The daily Gazet van Antwerpen that broke the news reminds its readers that other electronic goods are far more difficult to trade on the black market. They are equipped with an electronic code and it is practically impossible to put them in a different car.

A new steering wheel will easily set you back 700 euros.