Free pensioner travel scrapped

The Greater Brussels Regional Government has approved a number of changes to the fare structure of the capital’s public transport company MIVB. From 1 February ticket prices will go up by an average of 3%. However, there is good news for families with children, as the price of student seasons tickets (for children 12 years old and over) is to fall.

Form 1 February, the first child in a family will pay 120 euro/year, down from 204 euro currently.

The second child will pay 50 euro/year (down from 122 euro) and any additional children between 12 and 24 will get their season tickets free of charge.

However, the loss in revenue from the measure will be compensated for by the abolition of free public transport for pensioners. From 1 May 2013, all but the very poorest pensioners (with a before tax income of less than 1,360 euro/month) will have to pay 60 euro/year for their MIVB season tickets.

The system of free pension travel on the services operated by the Flemish public transport company De Lijn will be unchanged at least for the time being.