"Every stolen note is one too many!"

People in the Sint-Truiden area of Limburg province have been duped by a new scam this Christmas. Across the region fraudsters are using a new trick to divert cash that people are trying to withdraw from a cashpoint.

At present the scam has only claimed a limited number of victims, but you had better be warned!

The scam has been used with success in Wilfried Baeten's branch of the Record Bank. He told VRT News: "It's an ingenious system. Fraudsters place an aluminum plate in the groove where the money comes out. The plate has been coated with a sticky substance. When customers try to withdraw money, nothing comes out and they think that the ATM is faulty and they leave. The thieves then return to the scene and take the notes that are stuck inside."

Local banks are urging all customers to alert the police and the bank, if no money comes out of the cashpoint.

Wilfried Baeten: "Every stolen note is one too many!"