Dutch vandals trash Antwerp Christmas tree

The Christmas tree on Antwerp’s central square the Grote Markt has been wrecked after vandals went on the rampage. The tree came under attack at around 3am on Monday morning. Several of the vandals climbed the tree that stood in front of Antwerp City Hall.

CCTV pictures of the incident showed how two men climbed to the very top of the tree. They were egged on by a group of friends at the foot of the tree.

One of the two tree climbers grabbed hold of a lamp posts next to the tree in an effort to make it fall over. This caused the top of the tree to break off.

An Antwerp police spokesman told journalists that "This caused significant damage to the tree. The vandal ran to his friends with the broken bit of tree waving it about as he did so. Just then a number of patrol vehicles arrived and ten people were detained.”

The man that damaged the tree is a 24-year-old from the Dutch town of Hoorn (North Holland). He will have to pay for the damage.