'Antwerp whores' Facebook fan page under investigation

Antwerp police are looking for a group of youngsters who are posting photographs of teenage girls on a Facebook fan page called 'Antwerp whores' ('Antwerpse hoeren'). Insulting comments are placed next to the photos too.

Most of the snapshots show teenage girls posing in front of their own cameras. The photos are usually copied after one of the group befriends the girl.

The private snapshots are then published on the public pages 'Antwerp whores'. The girls are identified and comments like 'prostitute', 'cocaine sniffer' and 'hot wench' are added.

Antwerp police commissioner Fons Bastiaenssens: "On 28 and 29 December two girls filed a complaint. They feel that their image has been misused and that they have been insulted."

One of the girls contacted Facebook and the page has meanwhile been removed. However, a new Facebook fan page was subsequently created with identical pictures, insults and comments.

The page had 5,000 fans, but has now also been removed. The six youngsters who created the page claim that they have done nothing wrong. They told the daily Het Laatste Nieuws: "The girls post the photos and we haven't doctored them."

The daily Het Nieuwsblad cites the father of one of the girls: "This really goes too far. My daughter hasn't got a clue how she ended up on this website. She has her own network of friends on facebook."