BBC contemplates Belgian break-up

In the week Flemish nationalist Bart De Wever rolls up his sleeves and takes on the job of Mayor of Antwerp the UK broadcaster BBC investigates growing separatist sentiment in northern Belgium.

The report explains that Mr De Wever believes that Flanders gives too much money to the south of the country.

Reporter Maddy Savage says Mr De Wever's performance will be closely watched ahead of the federal election in 2014 when separatist issues are bound to play a big role.

The BBC also spoke with Senator Danny Pieters, who tells an international audience: "Flanders wants to be responsible for its successes and stupidities".

The BBC crew ventured to Charleroi in Wallonia where the socialists are working to revive the place.  There one woman told Ms Savage: "They need to work together".

The report explains that splitting up Belgium will be a tricky process because its capital, Brussels, is "in the heart of Flanders and French-speakers want to keep it as their capital too".