Gangsters fail to blow up payment terminal

Gangsters have failed in their attempt to uses explosives to break open a cash payment terminal at a petrol station in the border town of Essen, north of Antwerp. The criminals used an as yet unidentified explosive on the payment terminal. However, it withstood the explosion and the thieves fled empty-handed.

The Spokesman for the Grens Local Police Service told the VRT that an investigation has been launched in the first place to ascertain whether real explosives were used or just large fireworks.

"In any case the payment terminal was damaged, but not to the extent that the perpetrators were able to take anything.”

The thieves fled the scene after the explosion. There is currently still no sign of any of them.

The police have launched an investigation. The incident is reported to have been filmed by CCTV cameras that are installed at the petrol station.