Meeusen dropped due to investigation

The Flemish cyclo-cross rider Tom Meeusen (Telenet-Fidea) has been dropped from the Belgian team for the Cyclo-cross World Championships in Rome after he was named in an investigation into doping. His place has been taken by Sven Vanthourenhout.

The Manager of Meeusen’s Telenet-Fidea team Hans Van Kasteren told VRT sport that “Tom visited a doctor who is currently under investigation”.

The Cycling Association has been officially informed by the Federal Prosecutor that Meeusen has been named in a doping investigation. UCI rules stipulate that anyone in Meeusen’s current position cannot be selected by their national team. However,

Meeusen may take part in other cyclo-cross competitions. Tom Meeusen has already reacted via the social media site Twitter. “I am the subject of a doping investigation, but I’m certain of my case. I’m no cheat!!!!”

"It all started when I was on my way to the cyclo-cross meeting in Diegem and I was suddenly stopped by the police. They searched my campervan, but of course found nothing.”

Meanwhile, Tom Meeusen’s Manager Hans van Kasteren told the VRT’s sport website that "Tom is involved in an investigation into the activities of a doctor.” "He has been sucked in as he had visited the doctor in question.”

"He is most certainly not a suspect in a doping investigation, and he would have been suspended by both the Cyclo-cross Federation and the team if he was.”
“He will be question by the state prosecutor next week. It’s a drastic decision to drop him from the World Cup team. However, the Cycling Association has to respect the UCI’s rules”, Mr Van Kasteren said.