“You need to bake the cake before you can share it”

The Flemish nationalist leader Bart De Wever has called for his party to prepare a vision on confederalism to be put to voters at next year's regional, federal and European elections. Mr De Wever’s speech that was given during his party’s annual New Year’s party also dealt with the economic issues, as well as containing a jibe at the Christian Workers’ Movement ACW.

Before the party got under way members of the Christian white-collar union LBC staged a protest against the N-VA’s economic policy. The union believes that the Flemish nationalists “take too little account of those that are vulnerable.”

Mr De Wever denied this and emphasised the link between economic prosperity and solidarity with those less fortunate. “You first need to bake the cake before you can share it out. This is what the N-VA wants, but the PS and Di Rupo stop this from happening. You can’t share out the cake if you’ve driven the baker away.”

Mr De Wever looked back with satisfaction at the past year, remarking that N-VA now has dozens of Mayors. This year’s priority is the preparation of a vision on confederalism that can be put to the voters at next year’s elections.

De Wever slams ACW

Mr De Wever also hit out at the Christian Workers’ Movement ACW who he accussed of having dragged “the good Arco savers” into the “Dexia debacle”.

"Keeping participation certificates in Belfius in your back pocket, while passing the billons of debts from the Dexia debacle on to the tax-payer. What a cheek.”