Virtually no cases of Skimming

The problem of skimming, the copying of bank cards for illegal ends, has all but disappeared from Belgium. That’s the conclusion that is being drawn from figures published by the company that manages Belgium’s network of electronic payment terminals Atos Worldonline.

Two years ago there were 1,425 cases of skimming in Belgium. Skimmers copy the magnetic strip on the back of bank cards by placing a devise on a cash machine or payment terminal. They also use miniscule cameras to film the pin code.

Since 2011 Belgian bank cards can no longer be used in countries outside the EU unless the holder makes a specific request to be allowed to do so. This measure was introduced specifically to combat skimming and it appears to have been successful.

According to an article published in Monday’s edition of the daily ‘Het Belang van Limburg’ just 9 Belgian bank card holders were victims of skimming last year.

Fraudsters now appear to have switched their attention to those using on-line banking services. Phishing, the theft of bank details online, is on the increase. Last year around 2,000 people in Belgium fell foul of this type of fraud.