Child porn priest convicted

A judge in Antwerp has sentenced a 56-year-old man to 5 years in gaol for child abuse and possession of child pornography. The defendant faced the charges together with five others all suspected of making and exchanging child pornography. Among their number was also a priest who got a suspended sentence. A couple has been acquitted.

The case is linked to that of a pedophile nurse from Asse who used to be a member of a naturists' association and exchanged images with others including the 56-year-old. Some 1.5 million child porn images were recovered during the investigation.

Raids at premises in Antwerp led to the discovery of four memory sticks each containing 10,000 photos as well as DVDs with child porn images.

The 56-year-old handed 700 images to a priest living in a local abbey. Together with the priest he consulted the images at the abbey's bookbindery. Nobody else at the Saint Barnard's Abbey in Bornem was involved.

The 56-year-old also admitted several instances of rape involving a 14-year-old boy.