Cold Snap II on the way

Hasn't it been cold? Yes, it has, but with temperatures of 0.1°C at Ukkel around noon on Monday the first cold snap of the year that started on 12 January seems to be ending.

A cold snap officially ends when temperatures rise above freezing. So, that's that sorted then.

But hang on a minute! Have you seen the forecast for the coming week? The only conclusion can be that a new cold snap is on the way.

Forecasters now say that a second cold snap is set to start on.... Tuesday. We are in for at least five nights with freezing temperatures and at least three days with temperatures that fail to rise above zero, for that is the weathermen's official definition of a cold snap. This cold snap is set to last at least until Saturday. The thaw should set in on Sunday. That means milder weather, but also the chance of slippery conditions.