"Not a speech from someone who wants to get out"

Karel De Gucht, the Belgian on the European Commission, has attempted to calm down the Europeans after David Cameron delivered his long-awaited speech on Europe. The British leader spoke of his determination to reform the EU and, once a deal has been struck, to put it to the British people in a referendum.

There has been a pretty hysterical reaction from Paris where the French Foreign Minister wants to roll out the red carpet if the UK leaves the EU, but the Belgian on the European Commission has been keen to play down any hysteria. Karel De Gucht, the European Trade Commissioner, is not worried that the UK is about to leave the EU:

"This speech could have been delivered five, ten or even twenty years ago. Each time there has been a new European treaty, London made noises like this" Mr De Gucht will say on tonight's Terzake, VRT's current affairs flagship.

"The speech is not as we have been told again and again the beginning of the end of the UK in Europe. You don't hear me saying that we should ignore it, but this is a Prime Minister's response to questions from his people. This is not the speech from somebody who wants to get out, but from somebody who wants to explain to his people why he must stay."