Belgian fisherman dies on "haunted ship" off British coast

A 44-year-old Belgian fisherman has died in an accident in the North Sea, off the British coast. The accident happened yesterday, when the stormy weather made the sea rather turbulent, on a fishing boat that is being called "the haunted ship" after the death of another crew member last year.

The victim was washed away from the deck of a fishing boat (photo: archive photo) by a big wave and ended up in the turbulent water. His colleagues tried to save him and even managed to get him back on board, but the man had sustained a heavy head injury during the rescue operation and died on the way to hospital.

The accident happened on the Vidar B462, a ship that also made the news last year when a 20-year-old crew member jumped in the water to commit suicide. Belgian press reports are talking about "a haunted ship."

The Flemish PM Kris Peeters, who is responsible for Fisheries, laments the latest accident. "Despite investments in safety, being a fisherman still involves big risks", he said. He paid respect to the Belgian fishermen "who persevere in difficult circumstances."