Belgium was 'abnormally snowy' in January

Thirteen days of snow made January 2013 a rather unusual month weather-wise. The Belgian Met Office says that such frequent snowfall only occurs once in a decade. Apart from the snow January 2013 was a pretty ordinary month.

The sun did let us down though only shining for 36.3 hours and you may have noticed this by the mood of your colleagues. In weather terms so little sunlight is 'abnormal' meaning it doesn't occur more than once every six years. On average we can look forward to 54 hours of sunshine in January. In January 2004 the sun only shone for 34 hours in Ukkel (Brussels).

Despite the snow and the frequent showers rainfall was down on the average with only 53.6mm compared to the usual 76.1mm. It rained on 19 days in January.

Average temperature was slightly lower than usual: 2.1°C compared with 3.3°C normally. The average maximum temperature was 4.1°C, while the average low stood at 0°C.