Oil-soiled birds washed up on the Flemish coast

A number of oil-soiled birds have been washed up along the Flemish Coast. Over the past few days hundreds of oil-stained birds have also been washed up along the south coast of England. It is still unclear as to whom or what is responsible for the pollution.

Tests carried out on the birds that were washed up on the English coast had said that their feathers had been soiled with palm oil. The Bird and Wild Animal Rescue Animal Centre at Ostend (West Flanders) has confirmed that dozens of birds have been washed up along our 60 or so kilometres of coast.

The Rescue Centre has reacted with concern as some of the oil found on the birds was fresh which would point to the oil slick being not far from our coast.

The Management Unit of North Sea Mathematic Models (MUMM) has confirmed that a number of birds that have been soiled with palm oil have been washed up along our coast. However, the source of the oil is as yet unknown.

MUMM’s Francis Kerckhof told the VRT that "Oil is often secretly dumped at sea when there is a storm.”