Insurance companies defrauded through identity theft

Seven Belgian insurers have become the victim of a new scam involving the impersonation of clients.

Fraudsters impersonate customers with an insurance account. The fraudsters ring the bank saying that they have a new account and close their insurance account. Then they have all the monies on the insurance account transferred to the new account. As soon as the money ends up there it is withdrawn and the account is closed leaving no trace of the fraudsters.

The daily De Standaard reports that up to 2 million euros has been defrauded in this way. The insurance industry's organisation Assuralia has handed all information over to the police and they have started an investigation.

Assuralia's Peter Wiels: "It's a case of identity fraud. Criminals assume the identity of clients and have now defrauded seven insurance companies."

"In all there are less than 100 dossiers with the amounts that have gone missing between several 100 and several thousand euros. Customers have not lost out because the insurance companies must comply with the contracts that they have signed."