No early release for Marc Dutroux

A court in Brussels has decided not to free the Belgian child sex killer Marc Dutroux. The judge presiding at the sentence implementation court has thrown out Marc Dutroux' application to be electronically tagged and released early.

Marc Dutroux was earlier convicted of abduction, kidnapping, rape, murder and illegal trade and sentenced to life in gaol. The judge's decision to keep him incarcerated in a Belgian penitentiary was widely anticipated.

It was widely feared that the Belgian child sex killer might get back to his old ways and repeat offend.

The court ruled that Marc Dutroux failed to present a specific resettlement plan and offered no prospect of rehabilitation.

Marc Dutroux had also applied for a licence to leave the prison, but was unable to say what he would do when he was let out and where he would go. He failed to show that such a licence would allow him to find accommodation or allow him to work on his reintegration. As a result the application was thrown out by the court.

The notorious child sex killer can apply for electronic tagging again in February of 2014.