What’s wrong with eating horsemeat?

The European horsemeat scandal has focused attention on Britons’ unwillingness to eat horsemeat. Where does it come from and why are British people so reluctant to eat horsemeat?

In Belgium horsemeat is a delicacy. Of course, food products should be clearly labelled and when beef is promised beef should be given, but many people across the continent of Europe are intrigued by the British aversion to eat horsemeat and so is the VRT television programme Volt.

Are you British and reluctant to eat horsemeat? Let us know why! Maybe you are of a different nationality and you hold similar views. Do please let us know! Are you British and do you enjoy a (secret) horsemeat steak? Tell us about the reactions from family and friends. Do you have strong views on this matter? Volt would like to hear from you.

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