"4G in Brussels by the autumn"

Brussels is getting a 4G telecom network after all. The Brussels Environment Minister, Francophone green Evelyne Huytebroeck, will put proposals aimed at settling the matter to the Brussels Regional Government in a fortnight.

At the end of January the head of the Belgian telecom giant Belgacom, Didier Bellens, rounded on the strict radiation norms adopted in Brussels claiming that they made it impossible for his business to set up a 4G network that would enable faster data traffic.

Under Huytebroeck's proposals the 4G network would exist cheek by jowl with the existing 2G and 3G networks. Ms Huytebroeck says that she wants to balance health and technological interests and is sticking to a 3 volt/meter norm for all networks.

The Environment Minister believes that the 4G network could be operational by the autumn.

Brussels Mobility Minister Bruno De Lille (Flemish green) believes that under such circumstances a 4G network is possible: "Under Huytebroeck's proposals we can stick to the stricter norms and have a 4G network in Brussels."

"4G masts will be erected in the immediate vicinity of 2G and 3G masts. In this way we can maintain our 3 volt/metre norm. We don't know what these radiation levels will do to man, so we need to be careful."