New York Times visits Westvleteren

The American newspaper The New York Times has dedicated a lengthy article to the West Flemish village of Westvleteren. Renowned for the quality of its Trappist beer Westvleteren 12, the village attracts vistors from all over the world. The article entitled "Cult beer alters town, but not the monks who make it" offers a detailed insight into Westvleteren and its brewing tradition.
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Westvleteren 12 was sold for the first time in the US last year through 140 outlets across the country. The Trappist beer brewed by the monks of the Saint-Sixtus Monastery has been named the world’s best beer several times in the past.

However, the monks have always refused to increase production so demand always far outstrips supply.

Although the village is proud of its beer, the monks have mixed feelings about its success. Their spokesman Mark Bode told the paper that “They are proud of their product, but don’t want to be only associated with beer.”

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