Briton told The Guardian her kids were "two alien life forms"

Britain's Guardian newspaper recently published an article by Emma Beddington, an English woman now living in Belgium, who believes her two children have become alien life forms. It is probably a story that resonates with many of you.

In the article that resurfaced on the Fans of Flanders facebook page this weekend Emma relates how one of her sons seemed chuffed to be able to tell her he had eaten horse for school dinner and that horsemeat was his favourite meat. Admittedly this was before the European horsemeat scandal.

Emma, who lives in Brussels "in a French-speaking area", together with her French husband and sons Théo and Louis, thought the Belgian capital would be a good compromise.

"Brussels is, indeed, a city of migrants. When Théo's class drew their family tree, only one child out of 28 had Belgian nationals for parents and grandparents. When I think of my children's friends, I realise they are all half something, half something else - Italian, Portuguese, Algerian, Swedish."

"They may be "half English, half French, half Belgian" (as they say, with scant regard for basic arithmetic) but, to me, they often seem entirely foreign."

As often in this country language can become a barrier rather than a form of communication and it's not always the Dutch/French divide.

Emma Beddington: "My children's mother's tongue is no longer their mother tongue. They speak French to each other, but also to me. I speak to them in English, they reply in French; I tell them to speak English and they refuse in French."

Emma is now worried her children will not get her jokes.

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