No Francophone edition of claims Prince Filip has Asperger's

The publishers Les éditions Jourdan have decided to drop plans for a French-speaking version of Thierry Debels's book 'Kroongeheimen' ('Crown Secrets' in English). The book alleges that Belgium's Crown Prince Filip suffers from Asperger Syndrome or another form of autism.

Author Thierry Debels came to this conclusion after somebody in the prince's entourage told a weekly that the prince keeps list of the books that he reads. Thierry Debels put this to a psychiatrist, who said that somebody who compiles such lists "may be autistic".

Alain Jourdan of Publishers Les éditions Jourdan: "I clearly told Debels that I only wanted verified and argued information. I am open to all claims, but they must be based on documents and evidence. At present these are missing."

The Dutch version of Thierry Debels's book 'Kroongeheimen' is already in bookshops. Thierry Debels said that it's "strange" that the publisher is now dropping the plans for a French version of his book "after so much work went into it."

"French-speakers will have to read the Dutch version" he concluded.