Flemish Government: “We want our money back”

The Flemish Government is to demand the return of 17.5 million euro in public subsidies that were given to General Motors while the US car-maker’s now-defunct Antwerp plant was still open.

The Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters (Christian democrat) broke the news during Wednesday’s edition of the VRT’s parliament programme Villa Politica.

After the closure of General Motors’ Antwerp Opel factory in 2010, the Flemish Government said that it would look into the possibility of getting the money back. The money was given on condition that guarantees on employment levels at the plant were respected.

The Flemish Government’s investigation has now been completed.
Mr Peeters says that there is a legal case for demanding the return of 17.5 million euro in Flemish Government subsidies that were given to GM.

Preparations are already under way for legal action to retrieve the cash. If the money is recovered, the Flemish Government intends to use it to help create new jobs around the former Opel site. Talks are still on-going about the sale of the factory site itself.