Watch out with 50 euro notes!

There are hundreds of fake 50 euro notes circulating in the area of Halle-Vilvoorde, west and north of Brussels. That's according to the local police of the police zone Pajottenland, who received at least 8 reports of fake banknotes.

According to police spokesman Serge Roelens, the fake banknotes are being spread through football canteens and hamburger stands. "They pick places with many people, with a lot of hustling and bustling. Everything has to go quickly, and vendors don't have the time to inspect a banknote properly."

However, it is possible to detect a counterfeit banknote. "If you look well from different angles, and touch it carefully with your fingers, you can see that's it's fake."

There have also been reports of men using false 50 euro notes in Melle (East Flanders). It is not clear whether the two cases can be linked.