Honorary doctorates for Flemish Rectors

The University of Antwerp has awarded its honorary degrees for the 2012-2013 academic year. In addition to four honorary science doctorates, the university has awarded four doctorates for general merit to the rectors of the four other Flemish universities as a show of appreciation for the cooperation between the various Flemish universities.

Each year Antwerp University awards honorary doctorates for general merit. Paul De Knop of Brussels Dutch-medium Free University, Luc De Schepper of the University of Hasselt, Ghent University’s Paul Van Cauwenberge and Mark Waer from the Catholic University of Leuven were all honoured.

The Rector of Antwerp University Alain Verschoren (photo) told the VRT that "With these honorary doctorates we want to make it clear that the Flemish Universities have been cooperating closely more often over the past few years.”

"Sometimes there are differences of opinion, for example about how research should be financed, but the cooperation is good for the worldwide reputation of our education and research facilities.”
The university points to the high level of scientific publications in Flanders relative to the population as a positive result of this.

Scientific doctorates

Four scientific honorary doctorates were also awarded. The neuroscientist David Clayton was honoured for his research into song birds which contributed to wider research carried out into Parkinson disease.

Jurist Petros Mavroidis was given an honorary doctorate for his work in the fields of international trade and investment law.

Donald Hambrick received an honorary doctorate for his research into the role of top managers and their prejudices.

The mathematician Bernhard Keller was honoured for his work in the field of homologue algebra.