Bomb alert closes Antwerp Central on Friday

Antwerp Central Station was cleared for a while on Friday afternoon after a suspect case was discovered in the central concourse. All rail services in and out of the station were halted while the suspect case was investigated.

The Belgian army's bomb disposal squad DOVO attended the scene deploying a robot and a specially trained dog. Around 6:30 pm DOVO shot the case to pieces. It was found to be harmless, but the impact on rail services was enormous. All services were stopped at Antwerpen-Berchem Station, while the situation was clarified. Buses were used between Berchem and the Central Station.

The Flemish local transport company De Lijn halted all tram traffic in the pre-metro.

Fons Bastiaenssens of Antwerp police later told newsmen that the case mainly contained personal items and that the case's owner was now being identified on the basis of what remained of case and belongings.

Shortly before 7 pm the bomb alert was called off and rail and tram traffic were allowed to resume.
Rail services experienced delays all evening.