Getting divorced... and then moving to the coast

The coastal municipalities have the highest percentages of divorced men and women. In a list of municipalities with the highest number of divorced residents, the coastal towns seized 8 places in the top-10. It turns out that many people move to the coast after getting their divorce.

Is it the salty air that gives people the energy to get back on their feet? Or maybe the sand dunes and the ocean that bring a sudden sense of liberty? Who knows, but it turns out that many people who want to make a new start in life after getting divorced, live at the coast.

Johan Surkijn of the Brussels University VUB says that it's mostly single mothers with children who move to the coast. Maybe the trend just has a simple economic explanation: "The coastal municpalities have a lot of houses, flats and apartments that are empty during the year. This is ideal for single people."

At the same time, older people are getting divorced more often. Elderly people often stay at the coast after retiring. Blankenberge has the highest percentage of divorced inhabitants (13%) followed by Ostend, De Panne and De Haan.