One-legged football international ends in fight

The first ever match played by the Belgian AMP Football Team has ended in a full on fist fight. 11 Belgians and 11 Dutch players that had lost all or part of one of their legs took part in the match on Saturday afternoon. Players used crutches to help them to run and maintain their balance. The goal keepers were the exception. They had both lost part of one of their arms.

The game was almost over with the score at 3-3 when violence flared after a foul. One player fell and used his crutch as an obstacle to a player from the opposing team. This lead to a heated exchange and punches were thrown. Soon the supporters became involved and the situation escalated to such a point that the match had to be abandoned. The match was supposed to have been a first step by the Dutch and Belgian AMP Football teams in promoting their sport.

The incident has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the players that were involved. Nevertheless, the team has not been discouraged. The Chairman of the Belgian Amp Football Team Michael Jacobs told the daily ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ that “A match between Belgium and the Netherlands is always something special. This was also the case here. We need to talk about what happened, but disbanding the team is not an option.”