Judicial Authorities ask for American’s extradition

The judicial authorities in the West Flemish city of Bruges have requested the extradition of an American child minder that deliberately broke the wrists of a pair of new-born twins in the seaside town of Knokke two years ago. The 32-year-old from the state of Utah was recently given a five-year suspended sentence by an American court for a similar attack on a pair of new-born twins in her home country.

"The woman was already on the plane by the time we were made aware of what had happened”, the Bruges Prosecutor Jean-Marc Berkvens (photo) told journalists.

On her return to the United States, the woman carried out a similar attack on a pair of twins there. She broke the twin’s arms and legs and was given a five-year suspended sentence.

The judicial authorities in Bruges say that every effort will now be made to ensure that the child-minder is put behind bars. “We have asked that she be extradited as soon as possible. Although this will be far from easy”, Public Prosecutor Berkvens said.