150,000 fined as a result of SPECS speed cameras

It's exactly a year ago that the SPECS speed camera system was first introduced on a stretch along the E17 Ghent-Kortrijk motorway at Gentbrugge, outside Ghent. In this time 66,000 motorists have been caught speeding.

The SPECS system measures average speed at various points along a stretch of road and these figures are then totted up to determine whether or not you are speeding. In March three further SPECS speed checks became operational: at Gentbrugge in the direction of Antwerp and on the Brussels-Ostend motorway between Wetteren and Erpe-Mere in both directions.

Some 150,000 drivers have been fined in all.

Federal police notice that more and more motorists are taking account of the speed surveillance systems. Kristof De Pauw: "Drivers are adapting their speed. There have not been any accidents with serious injury since the cameras were introduced."