International Development: Belgium failing to meet spending commitment

Last year Belgium spent 420 million euros less on international development. The figure features in the annual report of the Belgian umbrella of international aid organisations, 11.11.11. The ngo says that in 2012 only 0.47% of national output was spent on international development even though the Belgian Government had given a commitment to spend 0.7%.

11.11.11. is now sounding the alarm and is asking Belgium's politicians to take action. We want a commitment actually to achieve this 0.7%. "We want the cash to be confirmed again" says 11.111.11.'s Bogdan Vanden Berghe adding: "Secondly, we want politicians to develop a vision to ensure the money is well spent too."

The ngo insists that the recession can be no excuse for Belgium to break its commitment to developing nations. 11.11.11. says that cutbacks are having real consequences in the field.

"Planned projects can't go ahead. Goals are being delayed and commitments are not being met. This attacks Belgium's credibility."

11.11.11. says that it's been shown enough in the past that aid is crucial. Between 1990 and 2010 over 2 billion people were given access to drinking water as a result of international aid. The needs remain great. Each year 6 million people die before the 5th anniversary of their birthday."