Flemish Scouts Movements warn against wild boars

The organisation of Flemish Guides & Scouts Movements has issued a general warning towards its members, saying that they should be careful during night games in forests as they could bump into wild boars. The Environmental Agency says that incidents are rare, but says the tip is useful.
© Pete Oxford

In summer, boy scouts' movements plan various activities, including so-called night games in the forested areas. However, the population of wild boars is growing. This convinced the guides to issue a warning as a precaution.

"Wild boars will normally run away or hide from humans. However, some animals could become dangerous if they feel threatened. Keep your calm at all times, don't approach the animal, keep still and wait for the animal to go", is the advice.

Scouts spokesman Jan Van Reusel says that some incidents were reported in the Ardennes in the past, but stresses that these confrontations always ended well and that the warning should be interpreted as a precaution. "We certainly wouldn't want to create panic with our message."

Dogs can trigger problems

The environmental agency Natuur en Bos says that you have a good chance of running into wild boars in Limburg province. "The population grew to some thousand animals there", says spokesman Dirk Bogaert. "The tips spread by the youth movements are useful, although the number of confrontations remains very small. And if we do have an incident, this is often caused by dogs running loose."