Faith healer causes a storm in Middelkerke

A Dutch evanglist is causing a storm in the West Flemish resort of Middelkerke. Bert Bruinekreeft hopes to hold faith healing sessions in the resort from next weekend. The Dutchman is radically opposed to divorce and homosexuality.

He believes that diseases such as cancer can be cured by prayer. He also believes that gays can be made straight through the same method. In the past he had been the subject of allegations of racism in his home country.

Mr Bruinekreeft plans to hold faith healing sessions in a tent camp outside the shopping centre in the popular seaside town. The Dutch faith healer plans to remain in West Flanders for a week. He had asked the municipality for permission. However, no permission is needed as the faith healing sessions will take place on private property.

The Middelkerke council Geert Verdonck of the Progressive Alliance told VRT Radio 2 West Flanders that "the tent will be put up at a place where circus tent is put up when the circus is here. That’s not a problem."

"I feel that it’s not normal that someone should recruit people saying that faith and prayer can cure them. This is below contempt. He calls on Jesus to help him "cure" gays. I think that this is simply scandalous", Geert Verdonck adds.

The Municipality Cabinet has still to decide what action (if any) it will take.