Belgian and Irish winner share Euro Millions jackpot

The Euro Millions jackpot of 188 million euros was divided between a winner from Ireland and a Belgian. Both can look forward to an extra 93,968,807 euros on their account and can start thinking what to with the money. The sum of almost 94 million is the highest but one ever won by a Belgian with Euro Millions.

What to do with 94 million euros? It's an issue the two winners can start to give some thought. The jackpot had grown to 187.9 million euros in the last 7 draws, which didn't see a winner in the highest rank. It was the second biggest amount ever at stake in Euro Millions. 

The winning combination was made up of the figures 4-5-13-27-35 and the stars 1-2. The lucky Belgian did not set a record though, as the highest amount of cash ever won by a Belgian with Euro Millions is some 100 million euros. This goes back to February 2007. However, before you decide to try your luck next time, bear in mind that you had only one chance out of 116 million to clinch the jackpot yesterday evening.