King Filip honours those who fell in war

After the balcony scene at the Royal Palace of Brussels the focus of attention switched to the Congress Column and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

Shortly after 2pm King Filip arrived at the column that celebrates Belgian independence. Later the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior was added. It is here that Belgian monarchs come to pay homage to all those who fell in war.

A soldier who fell in the Great War and whose identity is only known to God is buried here. His grave symbolises that of all who lost their lives in war.

In his first official act as king King Filip symbolically fanned the flames at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior whilst the Last Post resounded. King Filip then laid a wreath. A classic rendition of the Belgian anthem concluded the ceremony.

King Filip then returned to the Royal Palace for lunch and to prepare for the National Day military parade.

The ceremony was marred by somebody who shouted ‘Vive la république’ (Long live the Republic).