Pot-bellied pigs swamp Tessenderlo

The Limburg municipality of Tessenderlo is being swamped by a plague of pot-bellied pigs. The pigs that originally come from Southeast Asia are popular as pets. During the past week, 18 pot-bellied pigs have been caught in Tessenderlo, compared to an average of just one a week normally.

Rudi Oyen of the Bird and Mammal Sanctuary in Heusden-Zolder believes that a number of pot-bellied pigs have been let out in the woods around Tessenderlo.”The pigs that have been dumped in Tessenderlo almost certainly used to be pets. They have bred since they were abandoned and this is now becoming a serious problem”, Mr Oyen told the VRT.

Both Rudi Oyen and the Mayor of Tessenderlo Fons Verwimp (socialist) both agree that owners of pot-bellied pigs should have to register them.

New owners are currently being sought for the 18 pot-bellied pigs that have been caught this week.