Sanatorium for TB patients to open in Brussels

After almost 30 years, the Sint-Pieters Hospital in Brussels is to re-open its sanatorium for sufferers of tuberculosis. The sanatorium is to be re-opened as since 2007 the number of cases of TB has been rising again after having fallen constantly for many years. Patients suffering from the highly contagious condition can require more than a year of treatment to allow them to recover.

Tuberculosis of TB is a dangerous infection of the respiratory tracts. Long-term treatment in a sanatorium ensures that TB suffers can recover at ease without relapsing.

Christiaan Decoster of the Federal Department of Health told the VRT that a sanatorium had become necessary to protect the population from infection.”

"The sanatorium has been opened as after a long period of the number of infections having fallen, the number of cases has started to increase again, especially in Brussels. Moreover, we have noticed that a new strain of TB is more resistant to medication and more infectious.”

In 2011 there were 2011 1,112 TB suffers in Belgium more than 10% up on the figures for 2008.