Fewer road deaths in 2012

Last year, the number of road deaths on Belgian roads saw a 10.9 percent drop. That's according to official statistics supplied by the Economy Department. They confirm a positive trend, but the Belgian government wants to go a lot further.

Last year, 44,193 road accidents happened in which at least one person was injured or died. That's 121 each day. This number was 7.8 percent down on the year before that.

The number persons that died in road accidents dropped to 767, the number of heavily injured to 5,261 (-14.7 percent) and light injuries to 52,446 (-7.5 percent). The government says that these figures confirm a positive trend, but are aiming for an even bigger cut. The goal is to have the number of road deaths halved between 2010 and 2020. In concrete numbers, this means a maximum of 630 road deaths in 2015 and 420 in 2020.

Most victims of fatal road accidents are car drivers (332), followed by pedestrians (104), bikers (72) and cyclists (68).