"Drink cycling": driving licence suspended?

The Flemish liberals have a bill ready to change present legislation concerning drunken cyclists. At present, cyclists that had too much to drink have their driving license suspended, but only when the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) exceeds the limit of 0.15 percent.

0.15 percent or more is considered to be "very drunk, in such a way that it affects your walking or standing", although this may depend from person to person. Cyclists stopped by police showing a BAC above 0.15 percent, also lose their driving license, despite the fact that they are not driving a car. The Flemish liberals of Open VLD find this exaggerated, as it causes discontentment among cyclists.

"If people understand why they are receiving a certain punishment they can adapt their behaviour", says MP Sabien Lahaye-Battheu (photo). "A drunken cyclist who sees his driving license suspended, does not understand this." Open VLD wants to change the present legislation, in order to impose only fines for "drink cycling".