190,000 Belgians taking an extra job

Last year, 4.2 percent of the working population in Belgium had a second job. This equals 190,821 people. The figures were released by the federal Economy Department. During the past years, the number of people in two jobs rose slightly.

The rise was small over the past years, but steady. The latest figures are 13 percent up on 2008. More men than women are combining two jobs, and it's mostly the higher educated that decide to earn some extra money.

"If we compare this to other countries, it remains a relatively small phenomenon", says labour market expert Jan Denys of the temping agency Randstad. "You can't just reduce it to one cause, there are several factors playing a role. The fact that it's mostly the well-educated that combine two jobs, shows that people are not triggered by financial reasons in Belgium. This may, however, play a more important role in other countries like the United States."

Most second jobs involve self-employed work.