"Federal government is emerging as an attractive employer"

During the first six months of the year, the federal government's recruitment agency Selor received twice as many applications as in the same period last year. Selor points to "the attractive character of the federal government as employer."

Selor received over 112,000 job applications during the first half of the year, that's double the number of the first half of 2012 and even more than the total figure for the whole of 2012. Selor works for 150 different government departments, especially in the federal government.

Selor points to "the attractive character of the federal government as employer" to explain the surge. "Many people see a job at the federal government as a stable job in times of economic crises", says Stefanie Billiet of Selor. "It also offers a variety of other benefits: an interesting job content, many chances for training and opportunities for promotion. On top of that, governments turn out to be flexible employers: people appreciate the fact that they are getting more opportunities to work at home, which allows them to harmonise the relation between their private life and their work."

"Another factor that can explain the latest figures, is the fact that there were a number of vacancies that attracted a lot of applicants, like drivers, calltalkers and administrative assistants."